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Terms & Conditions



A natural feature of solid timber is its size, varying colours, grains and textures. Splits and cracks may develop as it responds to the environment and these are not to be considered a fault or flaw and will not compromise the construction of any furniture we make.


As timber is a natural material, we will choose the best boards from our pack of timber to suit the specifications on your invoice in relation to finish and size.  We will not replace or refund an item if the colour, degree of feature in the timber or final sizing does not meet your expectations.


As a standard dining tables are an average height of 73cm to 76cm and we will do our best to achieve the height as stated on your invoice without too much variation.


Care Instructions – Timber and Concrete


To protect your furniture, we suggest the following:


  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight.
  • Arrange your furniture so it is not adjacent to heating or air conditioning outlets.
  • Do not place furniture directly under windows.
  • Do not place plastic materials (lamp bases, ornaments, cloths) directly onto your furniture as certain plastics contain ingredients that may react with and damage the finish.
  • Protective padding is strongly recommended when using your furniture as a writing surface, especially when using a pencil , ballpoint pen, textas or paints. 
  • Clean up spills immediately. Water left over a prolonged period of time may cause damage. Alcohol, wine, perfume, texts, paint, nail polishes, aftershave and some medications may cause severe finish damage if not cleaned immediately.
  • Polish your furniture every four months using the Osmo wax spray. Use a clean, soft, dry, lint free absorbent cloth, rubbing the polish in the direction of the grain. Do not use polishes that are silicone based, due to the difficulty of removing residue should repair or refinishing become necessary. 


Production Lead Times


We will provide you with an estimated date upon placement of your order. New Life Timber will do its best to meet the estimate but unforeseen circumstances may increase the lead time and New Life Timber is not responsible for any costs incurred because of extended lead times.




If your build, renovation or move is delayed you must give us at least 14 days weeks notice so we can plan accordingly. We do not hold finished furniture due to risk of damage and space constraints.  If the purchaser requests that an order be held or delayed without the 2 weeks notice, this shall incur a weekly fee of 1% of the total value of the goods or $100 whichever is greater.


Delivery Lead Times and Policy


What is your delivery range and any costs?




You will be asked to sign a Goods Received In Good Condition form. This document confirms that you have received and thoroughly inspected the furniture delivered or picked up from New Life Timber and state that all items received were in good condition. If they are not in good condition, you must refuse the delivery.


You MUST inspect the furniture thoroughly at the point of delivery. ALL questions regarding finish must be addressed with our drivers while they at the delivery address. Our drivers have direct contact at any given moment with our furniture makers to discuss any questions you may have. Failure to address your questions at this point, will result in a return delivery fee to our workshop at your cost.


Our furniture makers will not come out to the delivery address.


Picking up Your Order


Pick up is available, however New Life Timber will not take responsibility for any damage caused once item has left the factory.


Delivery Charges


All deliveries have freight charges calculated depending on the size of the order (some orders must be delivered by a 2 man crew for safety reasons and to ensure you receive the best service possible) and the delivery address.


Signature on Delivery


All shipments contain valuable goods. Because of this, our carriers are contracted to produce a Proof of Delivery.


If you are comfortable with having your order left without the carrier obtaining a signature, please indicate this to administration.


We are unable to accept any responsibility for your order once delivered if you select this option.




Do your items require any assembly?


Payment Method


We accept direct deposit into our bank account. All payments are in AUD.


Please note: goods will not be dispatched until full payment has been received by New Life Timber.


To pay with direct deposit, please use the following details:

Bank Account:

Account Name: New Life Timber

BSB: 063-880

A/C: 1024-7270

Ref#: (please use your full name, Invoice number or quote number)


Customer Service Policy


New Life Timber is committed to providing exceptional, quality products and exceeding our customers expectations.




All shipping costs are inclusive of insurance.




All New Life Timber products are backed by a 12 month structural warranty.


Lumber Furniture is committed to the excellence of our products and providing first class customer service coupled with unbeatable value. If your product arrives or presents with damage or a fault, please email us at and provide:


  • A detailed description of the damage or fault; and Photos (or video, where appropriate) showing the damage or fault.
    How Lumber Furniture will solve product faults.


The best solution to any product fault depends on the nature of the fault itself, and each fault will be given a tailored solution to best solve the customer’s problem!


The solutions available are as follows (in order of priority) – and all at no cost to our customer:


  1. SPARE PARTS: If the fault can be solved with the provision of a spare part(s) – we will immediately send the customer the spare part(s).
  2. PARTIAL CREDIT/REFUND: If the fault is merely superficial – we will offer a partial refund.
  3. REPLACEMENT: If the fault can be solved by the provision of a replacement but not a spare part – we will send the customer a replacement as soon as possible. Please note that Lumber Furniture may or may not require the return of the faulty product prior to sending a replacement, in its discretion.


What types of product faults does Lumber Furniture cover?


Lumber Furniture warrants all goods to be free from defects in material and workmanship, and of acceptable quality and durability in every possible way!


The warranty does not cover:


• Change of mind;

• Normal wear and tear;

• Splits and cracks in the timber
• Damage arising from abnormal use, or abuse; and
• Products which have not been maintained (for example, concrete, leather or timber care), or which have been modified.
• Damage to packaging only;
• Insignificant minor variations in dimensions, colour, grain or finish; and
• Very minor chips or superficial blemishes.


Pricing and Product Availability


New Life Timber takes extreme care and time when quoting a job but unforeseen changes in material pricing may be incurred. If such price increases occur, we reserve the right to correct them. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


New Life Timber reserves the right to change the details and terms of any promotions it runs without warning.